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Filigree is an ancient 5000-year-old jewellery technique that has been used to adorn kings and queens over the centuries, but what is its relevance today?

Increasingly, contemporary jewellery artists are turning to filigree to express their ideas. It is a technique that enables open designs, and is delicate and light. Filigree’s small details and sensitive embellishments can create a connection to the past whilst at the same time creating a refined contemporary elegance. It is an involved technique that demands knowledge, time, and dedication to learn the mysteries of this beautiful process.


The book presents the best contemporary filigree jewellery being made in the world at the moment. It shows detailed images of work, alongside text describing the profiles and concepts of innovative international filigree makers, that come from South America, to the UK, passing in South Korea, just to name a few. This book is for artists and lovers who want to enrich their insight and find inspiration in the technique, as well as for anyone who has a jewellery and design interest and loves to look at beautiful and fascinating works of art.


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The author is a specialist in contemporary filigree jewellery and her work has been widely recognised and awarded by the Goldsmiths’ Company. Filipa also teaches the technique in the UK, having received international students and jewellers on her courses. She has built a reputation as an expert in the filigree and a leader in disseminating this unique knowledge within the industry. Filipa knows this technique profoundly, as she trained as a goldsmith in Portugal and Scotland and holds a passion for this art that made her the right person to create the first book in the world on contemporary filigree!

The idea for this book has been supported by The Scottish Goldsmiths Trust and The Goldsmiths’ Centre, who recognise that a diverse range of techniques and methods are crucial within the jewellery field to ensure its continued development and progress. This book will provide a much needed overview of how filigree is still significant and important for jewellery artists and consequently enriches contemporary culture. It will show the best contemporary filigree jewellery being made in the world, inspire students, the industry and the public in general, and deepen creativity and skills in others.

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Graphics by Joana Cunha

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